As you will already know, after more than 7 years together Katie and Matt are finally getting married! The date has been set for:

Saturday 23rd May 2009

This site will be updated regularly to keep our guests informed of the day's events. Please use the navigation bar on the left to see information about the ceremony, reception, etc.

We would like our friends to have plenty of input in order to make our day extra special, so for this reason we have created a Facebook Group to use as a forum for various purposes for example to suggest music requests or share everybody's photos. Please feel free to ask any questions you like or start any new discussion threads!

Turn your speakers on!

If you are Facebook phobic and have any questions that aren’t answered on this website, feel free to contact either of us or Ben (Best Man) direct.

We are both really excited, and can't wait to have a massive party surrounded by all our favourite people… See you soon!

Daytime Guests:

We would appreciate an RSVP, whatever the reply, before the end of March, as at this time we must be finalising our table layouts and food orders. Many thanks.